Roman Danube History

Romans along the Danube

When the Danube was the border: World Heritage Danube Limes

On July 30, 2021 the time had come: The Roman Limes along the Danube in Bavaria, Austria and Slovakia received the long-awaited and longed-for seal of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  At UNESCO this is officially called: “Transnational site Danube Limes inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List”. The Limes as a former border of the Roman Empire stretched from northern England across Europe and the Middle East to North Africa.


The German Limes Street. On the traces of the Romans in Germany

The Upper German-Raetian Limes is one of the most impressive and largest archaeological monuments in Europe with a length of 550 km, 900 guard posts and 120 larger and smaller fort sites.


The Danube Limes of the Romans and where our borders are today

The Romans once did not mince their words (why should they?) and said straight out what was the matter: “No one comes in here whom we do not want”. What they were talking about was that great Roman empire into which they only allowed those people who were acceptable, or who were, became or were made “Roman citizens”.


News from the Ancient Romans at the Danube Limes

Along the Road of Emperors and Kings there were legionary camps, forts, watchtowers, settlements and even a few big cities in Roman times. What was life like for the Romans in our latitudes between Regensburg and Budapest? So much different than today?


History along the Danube - The Romans conquer the Danube

The world empire of the Roman emperors is still present on the entire route of the holiday road. For more than 450 years, the Danube (Danubius) formed the northern border of the Roman Empire as the “Nasser” Limes.


Imperial Upper Austria - The romans at Enns and the Danube

The Romans laid the foundations for our modern society – and Upper Austria is no different. Some 1,800 years ago, the Romans could be found in the region, complete with their fascinating design and administrative skills.


The Return of the Roman Legion: Roman Heritage in Upper Austria

This year’s Upper Austrian State Exhibition is all about the Romans. From 27 April to 4 November 2018, the state exhibition is offering a multi-layered insight into the life of the Romans 1,800 years ago, taking visitors on a quest back to the time of the “Imperium Romanum”.



Following in the footsteps of the Romans along the Danube

The Holy Roman Empire was considered unique in the world because of its size. The Romans could hardly be stopped in their conquests: Neither climatic nor geographical adversity could hold them back.


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