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History - Middle Ages

Middle Ages

Gisela of Bavaria or even princesses don't have an easy time

The Danube is the backdrop to many adventurous biographies: daredevil commanders have left their mark, as have intrepid missionaries, tricky smugglers and inquisitive explorers. Most of these vitae, however, seem pale in comparison to the life of the Bavarian Princess Gisela, which was downright cinematic. Admittedly, a kitschy, romantic fairy-tale film adaptation would not be feasible, but a rousing historical drama would. Around the year 1000, life was not always easy, even for a princess…


Medieval traces along the Danube

Castles, crusaders and power struggles – plenty of material for exciting stories. The Middle Ages have also left their mark on the Danube in Austria. Even today there are many medieval towns and villages along the Danube.

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