History - Habsburger at the Danube

Habsburger at the Danube

Places of Longing and Passions: A Habsburg Woman's Life in the 19th Century

On the distant horizon I see
A white sail gliding;
I want to go with you! …

Empress Elisabeth’s love of travel is almost legendary. In numerous poems she wrote off her inner restlessness, which led her – by ship or by train – to remote paradises as well as to numerous nearby imperial and royal places of longing.


Coronation City Bratislava

Bratislava, which the Slovaks once called Prešporok, the German Pressburg and the Hungarians Pozsony, became the coronation town after the Turkish occupation of Hungary, when the Turks also occupied the coronation town Székesfehérvár.


The High Life on the Route of Emperors and Kings, Part Two: From Vienna to Regensburg

Inspiring scenes of aristocratic life line the Danube, including from Vienna: The large monasteries feature imperial wings and historic castles are full of surprises.

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