The Danube - Music along the blue Danube

With his famous composition „On the beautiful, blue Danube“ Johann Strauss has left a piece of music with the highest popularity, giving the Danube an important focus as a lifeline of Central Europe. Every year on New Year’s Eve, the famous “Danube Waltz” has been ringing for over 150 years, making us dance into a happy new year.


The Return of the Roman Legion: Roman Heritage in Upper Austria

This year’s Upper Austrian State Exhibition is all about the Romans. From 27 April to 4 November 2018, the state exhibition is offering a multi-layered insight into the life of the Romans 1,800 years ago, taking visitors on a quest back to the time of the “Imperium Romanum”.



Schloss Eckartsau castle: the imperial hunting lodge of historic calibre

Nestled in the Danube-Auen National Park east of Vienna lies Eckartsau, the imperial hunting lodge whose history is linked to the House of Habsburg. Inspired by the rich game stocks in the hunting grounds around Eckartsau, Francis Stephan of Lorraine, husband of Maria Theresa, acquired the entire area in the 18th century.