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The romans at the Danube

Imperial Upper Austria

The romans at Enns and the Danube

The Romans laid the foundations for our modern society – and Upper Austria is no different. Some 1,800 years ago, the Romans could be found in the region, complete with their fascinating design and administrative skills.

“What have the Romans ever given us?” a young Jew asks his contemporaries in a rabble-rousing speech against the occupying power in one of the many legendary scenes from Monty Python’s New Testament comedy classic, “The Life of Brian”. To his horror, the answers to his polemical as well as rhetorical question come one after the other in quick succession: “Medicine!” “Sanitation!” “Education!” “Public order!” “Irrigation!” “The roads!” “And the wine!” The rest is awkward silence. The many civilising achievements of the Roman Empire enumerated by the British comic troupe in their 1979 film about life in Galilee and Judea, though a bit exaggerated for the sake of satirical escalation (“Public health!”), were, in fact, true – including for that half millennium during which what is now Upper Austria was part of the Roman Empire from the late second century onwards.

Zinnlegion © Mules Of Marius
Zinnlegion © Mules Of Marius
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