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Imperial Vienna

On the trail of emperors and kings in Vienna

Walk in the footsteps of the Habsburg monarchy of yesteryear, visit the magnificent baroque palaces of Schönbrunn and Belvedere, gaze upon the centre of the once vast Austrian empire in Hofburg palace, and stroll along the magnificent Ring Road.

Imperial Vienna – Timeless splendour

Walking through Vienna is like journeying back into the city’s imperial past – it’s no wonder the historic city centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vienna is home to more than 27 castles and 163 palaces. Valuable cultural assets await their discovery on every corner, so have a seat in one of the city’s many coffee houses and daydream about the good old imperial era. In the mood for a shopping spree? Then have a look at one of the purveyors to the Imperial and Royal Court!

Whether on foot, by tram or on a traditional carriage ride, touring Vienna’s Ring Road is its own special kind of sightseeing; this magnificent boulevard is lined with numerous parks and buildings. When the Viennese say they are going to the castle, known as the Burg, they mean the Burgtheater. The actual castle is located next door. The Hofburg served as the official residence of the Havsburg emperors for over 600 years. Today, the magnificent building houses not only important museums but also important government buildings. Prince Eugen’s summer residence, the Belvedere is just a few tram stops along atop a small hill. It houses the world’s largest collection of Klimt paintings, including the famous “Kiss”.

A visit to Vienna’s most famous castle promises to wow its visitors with its art collection. The imperial family had 1,441 rooms at its disposal at Schönbrunn – many of which are still open to the public today. Architectural titbits like the palm house and zoo await on the grounds.

The religious and geographic heart of Vienna is St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

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