Fortress "Veste Oberhaus"& Museum

Fortress "Veste Oberhaus"& Museum

One of the largest preserved castle complexes in Europe towers over Passau. Veste Oberhaus is not just an impressive cultural monument; it is also home to several museums: visitors can immerse themselves in life in Passau from the Middle Ages up to the city’s more recent history. In the newly reopened Observation Tower, multimedia installations offer glimpses of distant eras, while a climb to the upper platform is rewarded by unrivalled panoramic views.

Brückenturm Veste Oberhaus_Foto pedagrafie_
Brückenturm Veste Oberhaus_Foto pedagrafie_

Stadt Passau, Veste Oberhaus I Oberhausmuseum
Oberhaus 125
94034 Passau
Phone: +49 851 396 800

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