The Hofburg

The Hofburg

The Hofburg was the centre of the immense realm of the Hapsburg emperors until 1918. They developed the premises, which were once intended to serve as the vast ‘Imperial Forum’, in splendid fashion – from the ‘Old Palace’ dating to the 13th century to the most recent section from the period around 1900. Today, more than two dozen world-class collections await you here, along with cafés, restaurants, squares and parks. Take a stroll through imperial times and enjoy history, art and culinary delights.

Imperial apartments

The former private rooms of the imperial family in the Hofburg offer an insight into the splendour of times past today. Immerse yourself in the day-to-day world of the monarchs.

Sisi Museum

Elisabeth, a beautiful and highly acclaimed empress, has long since become a cult figure. The Sisi Museum in the imperial apartments at the Hofburg presents myth and truth side by side. Highlights include a large number of personal objects belonging to Elisabeth as well as the most famous portraits of the beautiful empress.

Spanish Riding School

Experience the Spanish Riding School with Vienna’s famous Lipizzaner ballet live in the Baroque ambience of the Hofburg. Marvel at equestrian arts of the highest perfection, from the pirouette to the capriole.

Silver collection

The exhibited Hapsburg service and silverware, the centrepieces and glasses still shine today as they did back then at the Hofburg. The collection reflects the pomp of the imperial banquets.

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