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Stories about the Route of Emperors and Kings

Route of Emperors and Kings - Stories

Read stories on the story on the following pages. Interesting details that will enrich and make your trip on the Danube – the Route of Emperors and Kings – unforgettable. The knowledge of the past makes us experience the present more intensively and enriches us by moving our impressions for our lives into the future. Event highlights await you as well as culinary highlights and curiosities. In this sense we wish you a lot of fun reading, discovering, and later on when traveling and experiencing, tasting and enjoying!

Following in the footsteps of the Romans along the Danube

The Holy Roman Empire was considered unique in the world because of its size. The Romans could hardly be stopped in their conquests: Neither climatic nor geographical adversity could hold them back.



An Austrian institution conquers the world

The coffee house has triumphantly spread around the world and is now more attractive than ever – a place to take a breather and enjoy a good cup of coffee.



On the trail of emperors and kings in Vienna

Walk in the footsteps of the Habsburg monarchy of yesteryear, visit the magnificent baroque palaces of Schönbrunn and Belvedere, gaze upon the centre of the once vast Austrian Empire in Hofburg palace, and stroll along the magnificent Ring Road.



The High Life on the Route of Emperors and Kings, Part Two: From Vienna to Regensburg

Inspiring scenes of aristocratic life line the Danube, including from Vienna: The large monasteries feature imperial wings and historic castles are full of surprises.


The Perfected Art of Living – Part One: From Visegrád to Vienna

Many of the emperors, kings and noblemen on the Route of Emperors and Kings along the Danube not only knew how to rule, but also how to live a life of indulgence. As landholders, bons vivants and patrons, they created works and values that still fascinate us to this day and serve as inspiring testimonies to the perfected art of living.


An infatuation with all things Bavarian-Hellenic

Churches, castles and monasteries: Many of the historic buildings on the Route of Emperors and Kings are truly unique. Dedicated 155 years ago as the ‘Hall of Fame of the Germans’, the Walhalla at Donaustauf holds a special position among them.


A YES with noblesse

Glamorous parties and much-admired courtships and honeymoons Over the centuries, many noble and high-ranking couples have said ‘I do’ along the Route of Emperors and Kings – often out of calculations surrounding political power, but often enough also out of genuine love.



Culinary Danube

Over the course of history, trading along the Danube has also had a lasting effect on the region’s cuisine and has enriched it in many ways.