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Stories about the Route of Emperors and Kings

Route of Emperors and Kings - Stories

Read stories on the story on the following pages. Interesting details that will enrich and make your trip on the Danube – the Route of Emperors and Kings – unforgettable. The knowledge of the past makes us experience the present more intensively and enriches us by moving our impressions for our lives into the future. Event highlights await you as well as culinary highlights and curiosities. In this sense we wish you a lot of fun reading, discovering, and later on when traveling and experiencing, tasting and enjoying!

The Imperial Crypt in Vienna

The Master of Ceremonies at the gate of the Capuchin Monastery explains three times. Tweakly while together, why where you read only together. “A small, mortal man”, opens a Capuchin brother of the gate of the monastery and the coffin is laid to rest in the Imperial tomb.


Coronation City Bratislava

Bratislava, which the Slovaks once called Prešporok, the German Pressburg and the Hungarians Pozsony, became the coronation town after the Turkish occupation of Hungary, when the Turks also occupied the coronation town Székesfehérvár.


Delicacies on the river

The Danube is a culinary paradise. Over the course of history, trading along the Danube has had a lasting effect on the cuisine and has made it highly valued. Delightful guests of the Danube can expect an enchanting wealth of attractive and varied delicacies.


Top 10 summer experiences on the Danube

Whether cycling or hiking experiences, culinary delights or boat trips – everything waiting for you, if you travel this summer the Danube region of Regensburg to Budapest. Here are our 10 favorite summer experiences.


Urban vantage points along the Danube

A common phenomenon the world over is for visitors to a foreign city to seek out vantage points. This is often driven by a desire to get an overview of that foreign city and orient themselves.


Enjoy endless amounts of music along the Danube

Many important composers’ studios can be found along the Danube. The most famous composition about the river itself is “The Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss. The piece has inspired the names of numerous hotels and restaurants along the river and is now world famous.


Imperial Upper Austria - The romans at Enns and the Danube

The Romans laid the foundations for our modern society – and Upper Austria is no different. Some 1,800 years ago, the Romans could be found in the region, complete with their fascinating design and administrative skills.


Springtime on the Danube!

As the days grow longer and the natural landscapes attract hikers and cyclists, the regions along the Danube offer many options for excursions. In addition, the cideries in Austria and the beer gardens in Bavaria begin to open their doors again. A cold drink and a shady spot to cool off are just what’s needed to get you back on your feet.


Discover and experience the Danube by boat

Many important European cities developed along the banks of major rivers and stretches of coast. Their strategic location has made them important centres of regional and national economic activity.


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