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Stories about the Route of Emperors and Kings

Route of Emperors and Kings - Stories

Read stories on the story on the following pages. Interesting details that will enrich and make your trip on the Danube – the Route of Emperors and Kings – unforgettable. The knowledge of the past makes us experience the present more intensively and enriches us by moving our impressions for our lives into the future. Event highlights await you as well as culinary highlights and curiosities. In this sense we wish you a lot of fun reading, discovering, and later on when traveling and experiencing, tasting and enjoying!

The mythical world of the Danube between Melk and Vienna.

Forty years ago in a Viennese elementary school: every child knew what legends were back then. A legend is a short story from the usually very, very distant past, telling a wonderful, frightening, completely gruesome or even magical regional event – and there is always a tiny true core in it somewhere. Which one, you have to find out for yourself.


The Danube Limes of the Romans and where our borders are today

The Romans once did not mince their words (why should they?) and said straight out what was the matter: “No one comes in here whom we do not want”. What they were talking about was that great Roman empire into which they only allowed those people who were acceptable, or who were, became or were made “Roman citizens”.


The abbey as a tourism magnet

Charge an entrance fee to the Wachau, the UNESCO World Heritage Site between Melk and Krems? An entrance fee to be allowed to travel through the river valley, see the wine terraces, stop at the Heurigen and take a boat trip, visit the castles and abbeys?


News from the Ancient Romans at the Danube Limes

Along the Road of Emperors and Kings there were legionary camps, forts, watchtowers, settlements and even a few big cities in Roman times. What was life like for the Romans in our latitudes between Regensburg and Budapest? So much different than today?


Abbeys along the Danube

Our present times have already influenced life behind the abbey walls. It is not unusual for abbeys to present themselves on the internet, to run a blog, to participate in social media and to open their doors to every man, but also almost always to “every woman”.


The Castles of the Heirs to the Throne along the Danube

A tour of castles from Artstetten to Eckartsau via Orth with Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the last Emperor Karl. If the heir to the throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand had not fallen victim to an assassination attempt in Sarajevo in June 1914, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy might have taken a different direction.


Castle anniversary - 800 years of Veste Oberhaus

On the occasion of our castle tour, we would like to introduce you to the third largest castle complex in Europe, the Veste Oberhaus, which is celebrating its 800th anniversary this year. For 800 years now, the Veste Oberhaus has been enthroned high above the city of Passau and offers a magnificent view of the Danube.


The Danube - Music along the blue Danube

With his famous composition „On the beautiful, blue Danube“ Johann Strauss has left a piece of music with the highest popularity, giving the Danube an important focus as a lifeline of Central Europe. Every year on New Year’s Eve, the famous “Danube Waltz” has been ringing for over 150 years, making us dance into a happy new year.


History along the Danube - The Romans conquer the Danube

The world empire of the Roman emperors is still present on the entire route of the holiday road. For more than 450 years, the Danube (Danubius) formed the northern border of the Roman Empire as the “Nasser” Limes.

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