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The Perfected Art of Living

The High Life on the Route of Emperors and Kings

The Perfected Art of Living – Part One: From Visegrád to Vienna

As a political force, nobility has virtually no significance in today’s digital democracies. Yet its dignified way of life, cultivated over centuries, still holds a more or less secret fascination for us. Among other things, this attraction is embodied by the perseverance of the noble titles and predicates, such as the distinguished “von”, though they have long since been abolished by law. Still, the weal and woe of the European aristocracy provides indispensable content for more than just the yellow press, and a live television broadcast of a royal wedding is still a huge draw for viewers.

A direct link to the past
Thinking in generations
Visegrád: Heaven on Earth
Bratislava: Liszt and his patroness
The delightful court of Vienna
Herrengasse: A record-breaking number of palaces
Hofburg: Labyrinth of 500 years of architectural history
Schönbrunn: Royal lifestyle
Hermesvilla: A midsummer night’s dream
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