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Imperial Bratislava

Coronation City Bratislava

Coronation history

Bratislava, which the Slovaks once called Prešporok, the German Pressburg and the Hungarians Pozsony, became the coronation town after the Turkish occupation of Hungary, when the Turks also occupied the coronation town Székesfehérvár. At that time, Bratislava was a safe place near the imperial residence city of Vienna, which was chosen as a refuge by the Hungarian aristocracy, secular and ecclesiastical dignitaries. From 1536 Bratislava was also the capital of Hungary. There has been a boom in the history of the small town on the Danube. It was the administrative center of the country, the seat of the King, the Archbishop, the Hungarian Parliament and at the same time the coronation city of the Hungarian kings. In 1563-1830, ten kings, a reigning queen, and seven royal women were crowned in St. Martin’s Cathedral. The first crowned monarch was Maximilian von Habsburg of the same name. The famous coronation era of Bratislava ended with the coronation of Ferdinand V. The only reigning queen crowned in Bratislava was Maria Theresia, who on 25 June 1741 solemnly received her title and crown.

Coronation witnesses

In the streets of today’s Bratislava, there are churches and buildings where history has taken place. Still standing here are the houses that lined the way of the coronation procession and experienced the coronation ceremony. Part of the path of the original coronation procession is today marked with brass crowns in the pavement.

St. Martin Cathedral © MS Agency
St. Martin Cathedral © MS Agency
Discover the crowning Bratislava

Follow in the footsteps of the kings and complete part of the route of the original coronation procession as part of a guided coronation excursion organized by the City Tourist Office and selected travel agents. Discover places that have history and famous coronations. You can also run the Coronation Walk on your mobile phone as part of an interactive keyhole game alone. The royal past comes to life in Bratislava during the coronation ceremony in June, when visitors, with the participation of actors and lovers in historical costumes, participate directly in the coronation ceremony. The multi-day festival is accompanied by a series of events, knights’ games, theatrical performances and concerts, lectures and exhibitions, guided tours, interactive programs for children and fun for all.

Coronation photo-video-Point

Back to the coronation time and “become king” in the coronation photo-video-point on one floor of the Michaelerturm. St. Michael’s Gate was an integral part of the crowning of kings crowned in Bratislava, by which they left the city for the place where they took their oath. The Coronation Photo-Video Point features contemporary spaces and an authentic 3D model of the historic city that marks the way of the coronation procession. They can be photographed in historical costumes and with the coronation insignia or captured by video and become part of the historical spectacle. Photos and videos with images of the procession and the coronation spectacle can be saved, printed or shared with friends via E-Mail.


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