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Discover the Danube – Route of Emperors and Kings

‘The Danube – Route of Emperors and Kings’ is an international working group which includes ten tourism organisations and river cruise lines. These members work to promote their common European heritage and let visitors today travel in the footsteps of Marcus Aurelius, Frederick I, the Habsburgs and many others.

Harmonies of Heritage Hungary's Melodic Journey through Time

The music in the Danube region reflects the rich cultural diversity of the region and connects people along the river. Music Day in Hungary on October 1st celebrates this diversity with concerts and events that present the unique music of the Danube. On this occasion, prepare to be transported on an enchanting voyage through Hungary’s musical chronicles, where the threads of melody and rhythm have woven a captivating narrative that traverses history and resonates with the present.


Reading the Danube

A literary journey along Europe’s queen of rivers. Rich in history and culture, the Danube has always been influenced by literature and music. From the Saga of the Nibelungs to modern thinkers like Karl-Markus Gauss, authors reflect the fascination of this river. In this blog post, explore Danube literature and how it influences perceptions between peoples and political narratives to this day.


Gisela of Bavaria or even princesses don't have an easy time

The Danube is the backdrop to many adventurous biographies: daredevil commanders have left their mark, as have intrepid missionaries, tricky smugglers and inquisitive explorers. Most of these vitae, however, seem pale in comparison to the life of the Bavarian Princess Gisela, which was downright cinematic. Admittedly, a kitschy, romantic fairy-tale film adaptation would not be feasible, but a rousing historical drama would. Around the year 1000, life was not always easy, even for a princess…


The Danube region

Royal journeys from Regensburg to Budapest, via Linz and Vienna

The Route of Emperors and Kings extends along the Danube from mediaeval Regensburg, through Passau, Linz, Vienna and Bratislava, to the metropolis of Budapest, linking urban cultural centres, historic treasures and world-class landscapes. This is where the history of Central Europe was written, and this history remains very much a part of life today. From Roman times onwards, kings and queens travelled on and along the Danube with their royal entourages. Over the centuries, this age-old route therefore came to be known as the ‘Route of Emperors and Kings’ – and it has lost none of its appeal to this day.

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